Ablo is a chat and video app that translates your conversations live. They wanted to collaborate with large influencers in order to promote their live translation feature and maximize their reach as effficiently as possible. The campaign was run across both YouTube and Instagram.

4 Influencers 5 Social Posts40 K+ Likes 750 K+ Reach 70 K+ Engagement


The main goal for Ablo was to promote their unique selling point which was the live translation feature that they offer. Ablo was also looking at identifying an influencer which would be perfect as their brand ambassador


We approached the campaign by first identifying the perfect brand ambassador for Ablo, someone who creates and shares content that complements the live translation and other features offered by the app. After researching and understanding more about Ablo and the objectives, Delka successfully made Dongin the brand ambassador for Ablo across YouTube in the United States. Dongin further collaborated with Farina Jo to create content on translating K-Pop songs live gaining high exposure. Ablo also wanted to tap the Hebrew speaking market, thus we identified and connected with Inde Game, a well-known YouTuber creating content in Hebrew. This helped the brand reach and engage large audiences throughout Israel.

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