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Blinkist is a self-development platform with access to content from various genres of development. They wanted to collaborate with a YouTube channel that compliments their idea of leading a positive lifestyle. Blinkist wanted to promote their subscription plan by letting users experience the features before.

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The key objective for Blinkist was to create awareness amongst larger audiences about the importance of self-development while promoting their platform which provides high-quality content providing insights into building a better self.


We identified the perfect YouTube channel who are known for their travel stories and their happy lifestyle. Rachel and Jun’s Adventures is one of the most relatable lifestyle channels, Their audiences are more likely to follow their tips for an improved living. We had them create a segment in one of their videos where Rachel is seen talking about the Blinkist App and how it has been responsible for her own self-development journey. To further encourage the viewers for trying the app, a link was shared in the description containing a link that will provide the first 100 users with a limited time of unlimited access to their app’s feature as well as a heavy discount on the membership. Together these integrations worked well in sync resulting in a successful campaign

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