Influence. Create. Grow.
Influence. Create. Grow.

We are a leading social media influencer marketing agency helping brands amplify their audiences and build credibility. We know exactly how to hand-pick the right influencers with the skill and audience to efficiently help you achieve your goals and objectives. We connect brands with macro-influencers having the ability to engage millions from across the globe.
Our focus is to collaborate with leading brands to help them successfully meet their marketing goals and objectives through our millions of subscribers and followers across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. We partner with award-winning Influencers who are at the top of their game with the skill and ability to create and share content that motivates action.

What we have

122 M+

Youtube Subscribers

17 B+

Youtube Views

65 M+

Instagram Followers

50 M+

Tiktok Followers

6 B+

Tiktok Monthly Likes

Our Team

Gidon Rotteveel

Delka Talents, Co-Founder

Tal Lavi

Delka Talents, Co-Founder

Rafael Cuchacovich

Finance Manager