Bluestacks is an android emulator who were looking at collaborating with infuencers to market their product among the millions of gamers on YouTube who prefer playing mobile games on the PC. They approached Delka to connect with top gamers to directly promote their brand on YouTube.

3 Influencers 3 Social Posts200 K+ Likes 2.5 M+ Reach 400 K+ Engagement


Bluestacks had clear objectives of gaining exposure through direct marketing. They wanted to run a campaign with sponsored content from top-level influencers promoting their software and its features. The desired platform for Bluestacks was YouTube as it has a high number of gamers and streamers.


Keeping the idea of a direct marketing campaign in mind, Delka approached top gaming influencers Levhino, Sevou, and Red Arcade to create and share content sponsored by Bluestacks across their YouTube channels. The videos shared by these influencers consisted of a disclaimer mentioning Bluestacks sponsorship while information about the software appeared in the videos as well as the descriptions. The approach worked well in favor of Bluestacks as the campaign increased their brand awareness and the quality of our audience directly reflected on the increased engagement and actions throughout the campaign.

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