Fluent Forever

Fluent Forever is an app where you can learn different languages. They approached Delka in order to increase their user base by sponsoring content for a macro-level YouTuber who creates high-quality content, views, and engagement.

1 Influencer 1 Social Post10 K+ Likes 200 K + Reach 10 K+ Likes


The main objective of Fluent Forever was to increase its user base by gaining maximum exposure through influencers and incentivizing the subscribers in order to motivate them to take positive action towards the brand.


Fluent Forever’s target audience for this influencer marketing campaign was primarily people residing in New York and secondarily were the neighboring states. Based on the target location, Delka collaborated with Xiaoma on YouTube. Together with Xiaoma we conceptualized and had Fluent Forever sponsor a video of Trying the Spiciest Chinese Street Food in NYC. To encourage action towards downloading and trying Fluent Forever, we created a special code and embedded that in a link in the video’s description which gave viewers an extended trial period. The code’s success reflected in the final numbers of positive actions that emerged right after the campaign.

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