Omaze is an organization that conducts numerous sweepstakes consisting of some really exciting prizes. An influencer marketing deal was coordinated by Delka between Omaze and Red Arcade with the objective of promoting a sweepstake curated for Gamers.

1 Influencer 1 Social Post5 K+ Likes 150 K+ Reach 5 K+ Likes


Amongst many others, a sweepstake was held by Omaze where gamers could submit entries in order to win a cash prize of $20,000. The aim was  creating credibility through influencers and having more people submit their entries to the sweepstake.


Delka approached the objective by suggesting and closing Red Arcade due to his high engagement rate. As per the Omaze sweepstake model, each user can submit a limited amount of entries which can be increased by raising the donation amount. These donations are further sent to various non-profit organizations which in this case was the Gamers Outreach Association. Red Arcade shared a video in which he shared a compilation of various entries received so far. In the description, he shared a link to the sweepstake on Omaze and a coupon which gave his subscribers and viewers an extra 150 entries. This increased the conversion rate by incentivizing the audiences.

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