Are content creators and influencers the same?

The difference lies in the specification of their job and also in the consistency as well as nature of the content that they create.

Often there is confusion between content creators and influencers. This happens because there is a lot of overlap between the two terms and professions.

Influencers are figures who are in a position to influence people's purchasing decisions through their knowledge, relationship, or authority. Their main job is influencing. Content creators are people who make real, authentic, and original content based on their interests and knowledge. Their main job is to make real and relatable content. There is an overlap here as content creators can have a large audience and influence them through their content and be perceived as influencers.

Similarly, influencers can be forced to create authentic content for a campaign or to gain the trust of their audience and be perceived as content creators. The difference lies in their specific jobs and the consistency in the nature of the content. For example, think of a comedian who creates original videos on physical comedy every day to entertain their audience. They are likely to be recognised as content creators. Now think of a person who recommends and reviews products and their profile is filled with testimonials and content about trying on new products or spaces. This person is recognised as an influencer.