Youtube Shorts and what you need to know

Sneak a peek and behind the scene videos are excellent means of producing appealing content for your audience which also helps to feed a major chunk of content into a bitesize form to the audience.

Youtube Shorts is another way of sharing your videos on youtube but in short forms. They feature in the app and let you record a video of 60 seconds or less. You can even upload a video of up to 60 seconds through the website by adding ‘#Shorts’ to the caption of the video. Youtube Shorts videos exist in two places at once in your youtube channel and will appear on the Youtube video carousel and in the Youtube Shorts section of your channel. It means viewers can go to your profile to watch the video or type it on the search bar or even discover it on the youtube shorts section.

Youtube Shorts Fund Youtube is introducing a $100 million fund called Youtube Shorts Fund. Creators with the most engagement on their shorts will be rewarded by Youtube every month. Any creator is eligible for this reward as long as they create original content and follow the community guidelines set by Youtube.

Shorts are a good way to create hype for your long-form videos, make fun short videos, or even do behind the shoot videos; things that won’t crowd up your main videos but are also good ways to connect with your audience, gain their trust, and keep them engaged with your channel on a regular basis.