How to find your niche to start your influencer journey?

Looking for your niche? Look no further, we got you covered. It is as simple as identifying your skill sets and conjoining them with your passion.

Influencers are gaining a lot of importance and are becoming an essential part of social media / digital marketing. Brands want to collaborate with influencers, now more than ever. Everyone wants to be an influencer in their niche but how do we find that niche? How do you find ‘your thing’?

Finding a niche can be a tough task. You might be interested in too many fields at the same time and you may even think you can work with all of them, leading to confusion and sometimes frustration. Therefore, finding something which has the most potential and is the right fit for you is important.

Being an influencer in your niche is like having a job in an industry you love!

What is it that you are interested in? First, make a list of things you are interested in, and another with the things you are passionate about. Out of the two, select topics that you’re most comfortable with and can be easily used to influence others. Next, list down the problems you faced in these areas and how you can provide valuable input to influence the audience. Now, imagine yourself creating content based on these interests and problems round-the-clock, for years to come.

In doing so, you will come across a few topics that you might want to cover while creating content. Out of the select few, find one that is different from others but still vast enough to give you space to explore. For example, there are numerous home decor influencers but maybe you could go a little further and nail ‘thrifted home decor’. That's where your niche lies.

Demand & Supply Research on topics that are trending on social media and how you can add your personal flair to it. Treat yourself as a brand and provide value to the audience.

Target Audience Targeting the right set of audience in the things that interest you is the key to becoming a successful social media influencer. Study the audience, the demographics, and how they interact so you can create content that would attract them, without losing your personal touch.

You should now be able to decide your niche.