Why do you need Youtube for Business?

Youtube offers unique advantages to your business that no other social media platform can provide. In this blog, we will go through the benefits Youtube offers, and what type of content does well on the platform.

We are all aware of the fact that Youtube is no longer just an entertainment platform. It has grown into something so much more. Billions of people around the world come to Youtube to learn, grow, find information and of course, entertainment. Youtube is also an archive where your content can be discovered for years to come. This is unlike other social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where content has a very short shelf life.

Other reasons why your business needs Youtube?

  • Youtube has more than a billion unique viewers every day. Youtube is so big that you can get loyal fans and customers as long as you provide value and entertainment through your content. This can range from knowledge and insights about your field, to solutions to specific problems that your target audience faces.
  • The content you create on Youtube reflects in Google searches too. Since Google is a universal search engine, all your videos, images, news, blogs, articles etc. are synced in through Google's search results. You can use the correct words to optimize this search and get discovered on Google through your Youtube content.
  • As stated earlier, a billion people watch Youtube everyday from all over the world. With such a huge audience, your content can reach anywhere in the world, indirectly advertising your brand globally.
  • Your content is immortal on Youtube. Unlike other social media platforms that are driven on short lived content and trends, Youtube is driven by consumption of information and watch time. Hence, if you provide value and entertainment that can hook your audience, your content will keep resurfacing and watched for years to come.
  • You can also monetize the content you create, giving you an extra source of income.