Collaborating with Esports Influencers

Over the last couple of years, Esports has seen a massive growth in viewership. Leading this growth are the Esports influencers, who command loyal, highly engaged fanbases. Learn how your business can leverage this fresh audience to grow your business.

E-sports (or electronic sports) are professional competitions for video gaming. E- sports gained a lot of traction during COVID-19, when other real-life sports events came to a sudden halt.

Major competitive games like Call of Duty and PUBG have gained major importance, along with the players that stream and compete in these games. This has attracted a lot of new viewers, making those players and the games they play more valuable than ever.

Now that Esports has millions of viewers, it offers many new opportunities for brands to tap into a fresh new audience.

Esports influencers have helped brands tap into a young audience that is educated, well-versed with the internet and extremely engaged with the industry. These characteristics should be encouraging to brands; the high engagement rates coms from increased watch time as the audience watches competitive events more often on platforms like Twitch, Youtube and Twitter.

Since this audience is so involved and engaged with the influencers, collaborating with e-sports influencers can provide a ton of value to your brand.

Brands can leverage esports influencer collaborations to :-

  • Spread Awareness about their brand since these influencers attract a fresh, highly engaged audience.
  • Influencers can spark conversations about the brand and make the audience interested in your brand. This can drive new audiences to engage with your product/service.
  • Esports influencers have so much influence and hold over their audience that they can provide much more value in terms of sales and boost revenue for brands.

E-sports influencer marketing has immense potential but before you dive into it, make sure you know more about the influencers you want to work with. To create an effective strategy you must know their background in gaming, the games they play, and their audience. With all this information, there is a great possibility for a good collaboration and promising results.