Millions trust Grammarly's free writing app to make their online writing clear and effective. Grammarly is an app that assists in typing and helps you correct spelling errors, grammar, punctuation, and even suggests synonyms.

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Grammarly wanted to reach more people and attract new users to their app. The objective was to create content that sparks awareness and gains them maximum exposure.


We chose to promote this app with Xeetechcare and Best Ever Food Review Show, both from different industries and with a diverse audience base. The strategy was to clearly show how Grammarly works and helps in one’s daily life. Xeetechcare showed how he uses Grammarly to improve his captions and emails. The Best Food Review Show described how a busy person like himself needs easy-to-use tools to make the little things in life better, and how Grammarly plays a big part as one such tool. The strategy worked in the favour of the app as they increased awareness, the same reflecting in the high engagement in the campaigns.

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